Ninja Blender Wont Start (6 Easy Fixes)

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What do I do if my Ninja blender wont start? This is an infuriating issue. Here are the most common reasons a Ninja won’t turn on and what to do about it so you can make that delicious smoothie like a true Ninja chef.

What to do when your Ninja blender wont start

When your new Ninja blender (or old one) won’t start or it stalls and has blinking lights, there are several things that could be tripping it up. But don’t worry! This is a common issue, and you can quickly and easily diagnose and fix many Ninja blender problems at home.

It’s really annoying when your Ninja blender won’t turn on, especially if you just finished filling it with ingredients to make a quick smoothie. Your Ninja unit is probably not a hopeless case, and you can probably figure out the problem and fix it yourself.

Each of the following is a common issue that keeps a Ninja blender from turning on:

  • Not plugged in
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Broken power cord
  • Loose pitcher lid
  • Components are not in the proper order
  • Wrong assembly

ninja blender wont start

Below you’ll find how to figure out what the problem is with your blender and what to do about it.

Troubleshooting Ninja Blenders

The reason why a Ninja blender won’t turn on is usually that there’s a problem with the power source or the blender isn’t put together right.

It Isn’t Plugged In

One of the first things you should check if your blender won’t start is that it’s plugged in. This one can be easy to miss. Make sure the power cord is plugged firmly into the electrical outlet and try the power button again before looking for any other problem. This is the easiest fix yet!

The Circuit Breaker Is Tripped

If the blender is properly plugged in and the power light doesn’t turn on and there isn’t a blinking red light, check that the electrical outlet is working. Check the same outlet with a second appliance that works fine. If the same issue presents itself, it’s time to move deeper.

If the issue stems from the electrical source, check the thermal switch in the breaker panel box (usually located on your wall in the hallway or near a back door). Locate the corresponding electrical switch in the breaker box (look for one labeled “kitchen” or something similar).

If the corresponding breaker is flipped to the “off” position, flip it to the “on” position. This might have been the problem, and you’ll your blender should work now.

If the breaker trips regularly, you might have an overloaded circuit or the breaker might need replacing. It might be best to turn this type of power issue over to a licensed electrician.

Broken Power Cord or Internal Electronics

If your Ninja blender is an old model or you’ve had it for a long time, it is possible the power cord or an internal component has failed. A damaged cord could be the cause of your blender not functioning due to electrical current shorts.

To check if a cord works, unplug it from the wall and examine it for fraying and kinks. If the cord seems to be the problem, you can consider ordering a new one online and having someone with basic electrician skills replace it. Alternatively, an internal component on the circuit board inside the blender could have failed. Check out the video below for a an example of a failed capacitor being replaced.

If you aren’t experience with repairing small appliances, the recommendation is to seek out professional help from an appliance repair shop.

Loose Pitcher Lid

The Ninja blender will only turn on if the lid is in the correct position on the blender container. If the lid is misplaced or isn’t properly locked with the lid handle flipped down, the blender won’t turn on. This is a safety mechanism designed to avoid food splatter when the stacked blade assembly is spinning.

Ensure proper assembly: check that the lid is locked properly (locked tightly!) into place and if it won’t go, take the lid off and look for any obstructions (maybe the Ninja pitcher is too full or a utensil was accidentally left in the blender pitcher).

ninja blender won't turn on

Clear any food from near the pitcher opening and put the lid on the pitcher, fit snugly. Flip down the handle to lock it. If everything’s aligned correctly, the little white arrows on the lid and the locking handle should be lined up.

Components Not in the Correct Order

If your Ninja blender is plugged into a working outlet and the lid is fitted tightly and in the lock position but it still won’t turn on, the problem could be that all the components are put together incorrectly or not in the proper order.

Make sure the pitcher is fit snugly into the power base. The four corners of the pitcher should be lined up with the motor base corners. The front of the pitcher should face you with the pitcher handle on your right-hand side.

Wrong Assembly

If you’ve adjusted your Ninja blender correctly on the motor base, ensured it’s firmly plugged in, and the lid is tightly locked on, the blender might still not work if the separate blender pieces aren’t assembled correctly on the blender’s base. Review the user manual to ensure everything is in the right position.

The blade assembly should be inserted through the rubber gasket, the lid locked into the pitcher, and the Ninja blender lid handle in the down position.

What Is a Ninja Blender Blinking Light

If you turn on your Ninja blender and the lights on the control panel are blinking, it’s a sign that something is misplaced. Check that the lid is secured tightly, that the white arrows on the handle and the lid are aligned, that the pitcher is properly locked onto the base unit, and that there’s nothing obstructing the lid.

Where Is the Ninja Blender Reset Button?

Ninja blenders don’t have a reset button. If you think your blender isn’t turning on because of an internal electrical problem, you should follow the user manual and disconnect the blender from the power outlet, wait 10 seconds, then plug the blender back in and try again.

Ninja Blender Turns on But the Blades Don’t Spin

A Ninja blender might not work because the blades can’t spin correctly. The blades might get clogged or weighed down by too much food or ingredients that are too thick.

Try removing some of the ingredients from the pitcher then see if the blender works.

Or, if you think the ingredients might be too thick, blend less at a time and add liquids. Stir the liquids in lightly with a kitchen utensil before you turn the blender on to make it a little easier on the unit.

If the blades are already clogged, unplug the Ninja, have a look at the blade assembly, and at the base. Clean off any buildup you see and try again.

Most of these problems can be avoided if you carry a habit of regularly cleaning your Ninja blender after every use. Leaving your blender dirty can lead to a stuck blade assembly and an overworked motor.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to troubleshoot and fix a Ninja blender that isn’t working right.

Start with the basics by checking the electrical cord. Is it firmly plugged in? Is the power cord in good condition? Does the power source work? If your cord is good or you’ve replaced it, and it’s plugged in, try a different outlet if the one you’re using doesn’t work, and if the same problem presents itself, call an electrician.

Next, make sure the lid is secured properly on the container. The white arrows should be lined up. If you notice your blender’s light flash red, it’s usually a sign that your lid needs adjusting.

If your blender still doesn’t work, you can’t reset it but you can unplug it, let the motor rest, then try again, usually with positive results.

To avoid power issues and the additional cost of buying a new blender, make sure you don’t run your blender for more than 60 seconds at a time without letting it cool down, don’t overload it with your favorite smoothie or anything else, and clean it right away after every use.

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