How Do You Like Your Coffee?

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The world of coffee is interesting. You can find the most unusual coffee combinations at some shops, and there are always people willing to try them! One such example is the Vietnamese Iced Coffee or Ca Phe Da, which combines dark roasted coffee with condensed milk. Another is Cheese-Flavored Coffee (Yes, it is a thing!) which is a Swedish delicacy that combines Leipajuusto bread cheese with coffee.

While these are more extravagant examples, there are many other simpler coffee favorites like Mocha, a blend of a cappuccino and a hot chocolate, that have become popular worldwide.

How do you like your coffee? Do you prefer it simple and classic, or do you like to try new combinations now and then? Here are 15 different ways that coffee drinkers like their coffee.

Decaffeinated Coffee

Many people opt for decaffeinated coffee because you get the best of both worlds; you can indulge in the rich, strong, flavorful taste of the coffee at any time of the day without worrying about sleeplessness.

The most common method to decaffeinate coffee is using chemical solvents such as methylene chloride and ethyl acetate. In this method, the coffee beans are steamed. Then they are rinsed numerous times with the solvent to flush out all of the caffeine from the beans. This method takes place on the ripe green beans and before roasting. The rest of the caffeine gets flushed out upon roasting.

Black Coffee

Some people prefer to drink coffee in its most authentic form; coffee (brewed or instant) and boiling water. Some add a bit of sweetness in the form of sugar or sweetener, but that is it. It is the simplest form of coffee you will ever find, and it is pretty easy to make.

Espresso Shot

Espresso shots include a dark roasted coffee ground to a fine powder and then compressed to make a concentrated shot of coffee. This is perfect for those individuals who need an instant boost of energy. If you’re working or studying late into the night, espresso shots are the best way to deal with heavy eyes.


A latte consists of a single or a double espresso shot combined with a lot of steamed milk to make a lovely cup of coffee that is bold and flavorful. The latte is topped with a layer of milk foam and many baristas add extra shots of flavor to them such as a caramel or vanilla extract syrup.


A traditional cup of cappuccino is made from equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and thick foamed topping. The drink boasts a stronger coffee flavor than a latte since it has less milk than a latte.


As mentioned above, mocha is a unique combination of chocolate and coffee. Like cappuccino, it is a combination of espresso, milk, and foamed milk. The only difference between the two is the chocolate, either in the form of chocolate powder, syrup, or melted chocolate. So, if you love deliciously sweet beverages, then you must try a mocha!


Affogato is a dessert coffee drink that consists of a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a single or double shot of espresso. So, if you are thinking of trying something fun, then this is the drink to try.

It is a classical Italian dessert which is usually served after lunch or dinner. It combines two of the most famous delicacies of Italy: Gelato and Espresso. So, if you are in Italy, this drink is a must-have!

You can easily make it in your home. All you need is your favorite ice cream and an espresso machine to make the concentrated shot. Just combine two and you will have a delicious dessert coffee to devour!

Instant Coffee

Some people prefer instant coffee since it is very easy to make. All you have to do is pour the coffee powder into your cup and add hot water or milk over it to make the coffee. It is that easy.

Many people confuse coffee powder with ground coffee. While the former is the solidification of a brewed cup of coffee, the latter is a ground-up version of roasted coffee beans. Coffee grounds need to be brewed, while with instant coffee, you just need to add your hot liquid and stir.

Cream and Sugar

One of the most common ways people drink their coffee is by adding cream and sugar. Coffee creamers, half and half, and even heavy whipping cream can be used. For a lighter option some choose to add milk or milk alternatives. Sugar can include white, brown, or raw sugar. Artificial sweeteners, Stevia, or honey are other options to add sweetness to coffee.

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee is the best for summers when the heat gets to be a bit too much, but you still need a coffee. Ditch your regular hot cup of coffee and get a refreshing cup of iced coffee. The difference between hot and iced coffee is simply the temperature. It is a hot brewed coffee allowed to chill, then served with lots of ice.

Cold Brew

Many people confuse iced coffee with cold brew. Cold brew is made by submerging coffee grounds in cold water for 12 to 24 hours. After that, a strainer is used to separate the grounds from the brew and enjoy a cold cup of coffee. Cold brew is characterized by its low acidity and smooth taste.


Frappe is the type of coffee that includes milk, ice, sugar, and instant coffee mix. While most people might not make it at home, it has become a common item on a coffee shop menu. It is more common among the Generation Z populace than the older generations.

White Coffee

White coffee originates from Yemen and is brewed using extremely light roast coffee beans. By roasting them at extremely low temperatures, the beans develop a white color high in caffeine compared to the brunette coffee beans we’re accustomed to. The coffee has a strong nutty aroma as well as a sweet taste in contrast to traditional coffee.

Dirty Chai

As mentioned earlier, many unusual combinations of coffee have become popular among experimental coffee drinkers. Dirty chai is a combination of tea and coffee. Both beverages are added in equal quantities resulting in what is lovingly called dirty chai.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is another unusual coffee beverage that has been around for many years. This type of coffee can be described as a sweet and boozy version of the drink. It has a rich, strong coffee flavor made using your favorite brew, Irish whiskey, sugar (optional), topped with whipped cream.


There are so many ways to make your coffee. You can have it in its most authentic form; black coffee and espresso shots, or you can add a little twist of your own; chocolate, cream, or even tea.

So how do you like your coffee? Which of the above types of coffees have you tried? Show your comments down below and let us know your favorites!

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