Can a Nutribullet Grind Coffee? (Avoid This One Thing)

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Can a Nutribullet grind coffee? It sure can, but you should take out the regular Nutribullet blade and replace it with the milling blade base. Here’s an example of a Milling Bladenutribullet Milling Blade.

Among a Nutribullet, marble mortar and pestle, a hand burr grinder, and a hand blade grinder, if I wanted a coarse grind, I’d use the Nutribullet to grind coffee that morning. But among the same, if I wanted medium or fine coffee grinds, I’d go for the hand burr grinder over the blender (and over everything else) for sure.

Can a Nutribullet Grind Coffee?

Yes, you can grind coffee beans in a Nutribullet using the milling blade. Blend using short, one second bursts for between 4 seconds and one minute.

A blender grinds using blades, as some coffee grinders do, but some coffee grinders use ceramic burs to grind. A burr grinder gives a more even grind and a finer grind than a blade grinder, so the coffee tastes smoother and more flavorful.

The Nutribullet milling blade ensures whole coffee beans don’t get stuck. The milling blades are thinner and have only two prongs instead of the four on the regular extractor blade. Milling blades are sold separately.

How to Grind Coffee Beans in a Nutribullet

Grinding coffee beans in a Nutribullet blender is quick and easy. Fill the blender up to 3/4 full (and never over the max fill line) and pulse-blend. For a finer grind, use fewer coffee beans and pulse-blend more times.

Grinding Coffee Beans to Coarse Ground

Fill the Nutribullet 3/4-full of coffee beans. When grinding coarse coffee, pulse blend 3 or 4 times, or blend on slow for 3 to 4 seconds, until the coffee grounds are the texture of coarse grind salt.

Coarse coffee is good for French press brews.

Using the Nutribullet as a Coffee Grinder for Medium Grind Coffee

Get a medium grind using the Nutribullet by filling the single serve cup 1/2 to 3/4 full of beans. Pulse-blend about 5 pulses or blend on slow for about 5 seconds, until the grains are the texture of beach sand.

A medium grind is the most common grind grade sold commercially, and it’s usually used in drip coffee makers and is good for siphon brewers.Can a nutribullet grind coffee

Nutribullet Can Deliver A Fine Grind

Pull finely ground coffee beans from a Nutribullet blender by blending no more than 1/4 cup of coffee beans at a time, and blending for 45 to 60 seconds. Give a little shake to the blender Nutribullet cup every few seconds to make sure you’re not left with a gradient blend in the blender cup. This is much faster than using a traditional mortar and pestle.

An espresso grind is fine, a little coarser than powdered sugar.

Find an extra fine grind for Turkish coffee grind by blending even longer, until the texture is like powdered sugar and has finer particles than an espresso grind.

Things To Avoid When Grinding Coffee In A Nutribullet

The main thing to avoid when grinding coffee or other hard foods in a Nutribullet is using the wrong blade.  Pick up a Milling Blade to avoid dulling your normal blade.

Grinding coffee beans in a Nutribullet is a pretty straightforward process. Make sure the blender cup is clean and dry (and rinsed if you washed it in soapy water recently).

How Much Coffee Beans In a Nutribullet?

Don’t fill the short cups more than 3/4 full of whole beans for better, more even results.

You can use the Nutribullet Pro or the Nutribullet rx, and you can use the tall cup, or smaller cups.

What Variable Speed to Grind Coffee Beans?

You can use variable speeds, but I recommend that you start grinding at a slow speed and make quick checks every few seconds or use the pulse controls with 3 to 4 pulses for a coarse grind and up to 60 pulses for fine coffee.

A few more seconds might wind you up with a still similar consistency, or the consistency could change completely from one second to the next. Moral of the story: keep an eye while you grind coffee beans in a Nutribullet.

Which Is Better: Nutribullet or Other Blenders?

A Nutribullet works better than some other blenders at coffee grinding because its power base has an exceptional watt motor that is good at blending hard ingredients evenly and turns out a better coffee grind.

A Nutribullet is a nice food prep tool to use if you already have it, but as one of several large capacity accessories I’ve owned, it’s not worth it if I don’t also use it for other cooking tasks too.

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