What Blender Does Starbucks Use

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If you’re in the market for a new blender for a home kitchen, look to restaurant and cafe choices. Starbucks blends hot and cold drinks, which makes this cafe an interesting market to look to when deciding on a blender that will be used for similar purposes at home.

So what blender does Starbucks use to get away with the exact recipe every time and so fast? Here’s what type of blender Starbucks uses and why.

What Blender Does Starbucks Use

The blender that Starbucks uses is a Vitamix blender called “The Quiet One.”

Here are the Quiet One’s specs that make it just right for a quiet cafe environment and your home:

  • Modest equipment made to sit on a bar counter
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • 48-ounce polycarbonate container (also called processing buckets)
  • 6 Vitamix blender program buttons
  • Magnetically-secured blender back cover
  • U.S.-made blender
  • 15 amps blendtec blade (equals smoother grinding)
  • Machine power: 20 V, 50/60 Hz (to save time)
  • Special Vitamix vibration dampening technology for sound reduction (keeps noise levels down at 5 in the morning in your home kitchen!)
  • Compact polycarbonate chassis

Starbucks Vitamix Blenders Requirements

When we ask, “what type of blender does Starbucks use?” We’ve also got to ask, “What does Starbucks care about in terms of the commercial blenders they use?” Here’s the rundown from baristas on “The Quiet One” Vitamix blender that’s used at the cafe:


“Quiet One” Vitamix blenders that Starbucks use are commercial blenders designed specifically for coffee shop use, and in this case, Starbucks use. It’s 18 decibels quieter than other commercial blenders, making it one of the quietest blenders and overall best kind of blender among popular industrial blender lineups.

Easy to use

User flexibility is of main importance at Starbucks cafe to reduce clunky fumbling, program misunderstanding, and a ton of time wasted cleaning the machine.

The magnetic flip lid

This special lid on the Quiet One Vitamix keeps messes at Starbucks and at your Vitamix blending station to a minimum and makes adding ingredients and popping the top off to pour a smoother process so the barista can keep be in step with their counter flow.

The blender’s 48-ounce Tritan blending container

The processing buckets on this blender have a giant blending capacity marked with measurement ticks so that Starbucks recipes and your own drink recipes can be followed and duplicated exactly every time. The container’s pitcher design makes pouring easy.


The blender that Starbucks utilizes doesn’t falter in blending a range of ingredients, textures, and temperatures. You can use this single blender to make:

  • Smoothies (green smoothies and berry smoothies)
  • Frappes
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Sauces
  • Spreads
  • Gravies
  • Kinds of butter (think nut butter!)
  • Coffee desserts (like the Starbucks treats we love)
  • Crushed Ice
  • More frozen drinks

This powerful blender by Vitamix is the best blender for creating frothy drinks. It even bites into tiny berry seeds and chia seeds to make smoothies smoother — and all quietly, which makes it one of the best blenders for your home as well as Starbucks use!

The multiple program buttons

Multiple options offer Starbucks baristas quick access to the most-used settings. This blender includes more modest equipment than other blenders, but it has all of the best equipment for keeping baristas at the top of their craft:

  • 6 customizable switches
  • Variable speed control with 93 speeds
  • 34 optimized programs.
  • Automatic shut off
  • Double sealing bearing to keep things clean

Starbucks Recipes to Make at Your Home Vitamix Blending Station

Different recipes made by Starbucks can be made at home with the same machine.

Here are some frozen beverages and drinks ideas from Starbucks to get you started exploring your blender:

You can also use a Vitamix mixer to make several of Starbucks’ delicious pastry recipes and nut butter.

You might also be interested in using your Vitamix blender for grinding coffee. Make a smoothie in the morning and later a coffee from the same blender; a pretty versatile machine!

The Starbucks Vitamix Blender Conclusion

So, what blender does Starbucks use? The Vitamix Quiet One commercial blender is a machine that works at commercial use level and also for domestic use. It keeps commercial facilities like coffee shops doing what they do with elegance and style, and it also has its place in your own home.

The quick answer to “which blender does Starbucks use” is that, of all the excellent blenders out there, the Quiet One machine will make your Vitamix blending station advance your barista skills in style.

Compared to other blenders

Compared to other blenders, this Vitamix silent thing is one blender that stands out among other Vitamix blenders because of it’s quietness and ease of use.

Where to buy the Quiet One blender

The Vitamix Quiet One can be found in some retailers as well as online.

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