How to Whisk Matcha

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Have you ever had matcha before? Matcha is a type of tea that has become super popular, becoming a staple in coffee and tea shops around the world. It’s a unique drinking experience, coming in the form of a super fine powder that needs to be whisked with liquid to be consumed.

Traditional matcha drinkers know that a matcha whisk is best to incorporate matcha and liquids and get the best flavor. It can look intimidating, but don’t fear! Anyone can learn how to master matcha whisking, so they can enjoy this amazing tea at home.

Let’s take a look at how to properly whisk matcha with a matcha whisk! And, for those who can’t invest in a traditional matcha whisk, we’ll look at ways to whisk matcha with common kitchen tools you have at home.

What Is Matcha?

Before you learn how to master the matcha whisk, let’s learn more about what matcha is.

Matcha is a type of Japanese green tea that comes in the form of a super fine green powder. Green tea leaves are ground to make matcha powder, which is then whisked with hot water to make a traditional matcha tea.

Whisking matcha is an important step. Traditionally, it is a part of the ceremonial drinking process for matcha. Outside of the ceremonial aspects, though, matcha whisks are seen as the most effective tool for combining matcha and liquid.

The matcha whisk, known as the chasen, is a small whisk made of a single piece of bamboo. This bamboo whisk is characterized by its many fine teeth/strings that sprout off the base in a circle.

The design of these bristles expertly picks up and incorporates the fine matcha powder into liquid, minimizing any clumps or graininess that give a bitter taste. When properly combined with the chasen, ceremonial grade matcha should be smooth and slightly sweet.

Some at-home users may be intimidated by ceremonial matcha drinking tools like the bamboo chasen, but there’s no reason to fear. Mastering the use of a matcha whisk is actually super simple and can ensure your matcha tastes great every time.

How to Use a Matcha Whisk

Here’s how to use a matcha whisk:

Step One: Add Matcha to Bowl

First, you’ll want to scoop matcha powder into a small tea bowl or matcha bowl. Most matcha whisk sets will come with a traditional tea bowl, called a chawan. A regular bowl is fine if you don’t have one, though.

You should add roughly a teaspoon of powder to the matcha bowl. You can use a traditional measuring scoop, called a chashaku, or any spoon you have. You can strain your matcha powder through a small strainer to fully remove any clumps for the best results.

Step Two: Add Water

Next, add hot water to your bowl. Get it just under boiling (160°F), and add in approx 5 oz of water.

Step Three: Begin to Whisk

Now, it’s time to whisk! Hold the tea whisk in the bowl vertically, and stir in a circle around the edge of the bowl to ensure all powder gets saturated with water. Then, begin to quickly move your tea whisk side to side.

Try to keep your whisk elevated so the teeth don’t drag along the bottom of the bowl.

Step Three: Whisk to Completion

Whisk your matcha until small bubbles begin to appear. The whisking process should take 20-40 seconds. Once you see froth forming, remove the whisk, and you’re done.

matcha kit


How to Make Matcha Without a Whisk

If you don’t have a matcha whisk at home, you can still enjoy a great matcha tea. Here are some ways you can make matcha, even if you don’t have a whisk.

Using a Mason Jar

This is probably the most popular way to make matcha without a whisk. This process works best with a mason jar but can also be replicated with a cocktail shaker or any other type of container with a lid.

Step One: Add Matcha to Jar

First, add approximately one teaspoon of matcha powder to your mason jar.

Step Three: Add Water to Jar

Next, add ⅔ a cup of hot water (close to boiling) into the jar.

Step Three: Shake Jar

Then, add the lid back onto your jar, and shake it up! Shake your jar for 30-50 seconds until matcha and water are fully combined.

Shake Jar


Using a Handheld Milk Frother

A milk frother is a great little tool to get some nice, frothy matcha. Here’s how to do it using a handheld milk frother:

Step One: Add Matcha to Bowl/Cup

First, add your matcha to a container. You can do this directly in the cup you’re drinking from or in a small bowl. Add approximately one teaspoon of powder.

Step Two: Add Water

Next, add ⅔ of a cup of boiling water to your matcha powder.

Step Three: Insert Frother

Next, insert your handheld milk frother into your powder and water, and turn it on. Use it for 20-30 seconds until frothy foam appears on matcha’s surface.

Take care to move the frother along the cup/bowl edge to catch any missed powder. Once combined, it’s ready for use.

Insert Frother


Bonus: Using an Electric Milk Frother

An electric milk frother that isn’t handheld can also do the job! All you have to do is add your matcha powder and liquid into the frother, then turn it on as you normally would for regular milk. Once combined, pour it out and enjoy.

Electric Milk Frother


Using a Blender

A blender can also get the job done if you don’t have a matcha whisk. Here’s how:

Step One: Add Ingredients to Blender

First, add your teaspoon of matcha powder and ⅔ cup boiling water to your blender. You can add more or less of these ingredients depending on how many drinks you’re making, or how much matcha you need for a recipe.

Step Two: Blend

Next, you blend! Turn your blender on, and let it run until your mixture is slightly foamy and clump-free. Then, enjoy your matcha!



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