Best Thin Waffle Maker

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The best thin waffle makers will allow you to create a mouthwatering breakfast or brunch in a jiffy while a fresh cuppa Joe brews out of your coffee maker or while you indulge in a fresh juice from your Breville juicer.

Regardless of whether you’re feeling adventurous enough to host breakfast for dinner or you are having a Sunday brunch, there’s no denying that thin and durable waffle makers are your holy grail. Without further ado, let’s discuss how to choose the best thin waffle maker and a few reliable options that will give you the best bang for your buck. Read on!

1. Best Premium Round Waffle Maker: Stainless Steel All-Clad WD700162

All-Clad WD700162 Stainless Steel Classic Round Waffle Maker with 7 Browning Settings, 4-Section, Silver

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With a lifetime warranty and seven browning control settings, the All-Clad Stainless Steel WD700162 waffle maker is a premium appliance. It was designed for users looking to step up their waffle-cooking skills by a few notches. Although the merits of this unit make up for its heaviness, to some people, its non-lightweight nature can be a slight inconvenience.

The thin waffle maker also features a clasp-shut lid, granting you free rein to store it sideways. Furthermore, the steam-release heating system curbs the likelihood of condensation buildup to ensure your waffles come out well-done. The light indicator coupled with a sound alarm comes in handy in alerting you when your waffle is ready.

Designed with a non-stick coating, cleaning the All-Clad Stainless Steel WD700162 waffle maker is a walk in the park. You don’t need to use cooking spray or oil to prevent the batter from sticking to the plate. With this handy appliance, you can make one round-shaped waffle at a time, measuring 6.5 inches in diameter and a ½-inch thickness and four easy-cut sections.


  • Lockable lid for convenient storage
  • Different adjustable browning control settings for enhanced flexibility
  • Makes a mouthwatering and crispy waffle
  • Elegant appearance that blends in with most kitchen décor



  • Heavyweight
  • Not suitable for large households


2. Best Affordable Classic Waffle Maker: Cuisinart WMR CA

Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker, Single, Brushed Stainless

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With its array of temperature settings and stainless steel plates, the Cuisinart WMR CA classic waffle maker is right up your alley if you’re looking for affordability without compromising on quality.

It’s a formidable opponent on the market today with add-ons such as five adjustable browning control settings that give you adequate control over the final product. Furthermore, topping off the lid is an indicator light that alerts you when each waffle is ready for consumption.

The plates are constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel layered with a non-stick coating. That makes the cleaning process a breeze. For added convenience and to save on space, the Cuisinart WMR CA classic waffle maker can be tucked away vertically rather than horizontally.


  • User-friendly
  • Makes waffles in a jiffy
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Includes a boatload of handy features for the perfect waffles
  • Can be stored vertically to cut down on space
  • The cooking plate is made of BPA-free, non-stick material



  • Unlike other models, this unit lacks a beep to alert you when each waffle is ready


3. Best Italian Waffle Iron: CucinaPro Piccolo Pizzelle

CucinaPro Piccolo Pizzelle Baker, Grey Nonstick Interior, Electric Press Makes 4 Mini Cookies at Once

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If you gravitate towards extra thin waffles, then CucinaPro Piccolo Pizzelle Italian waffle iron is right up your alley. It makes four servings concurrently, making it perfect for family breakfasts or brunches.

Furthermore, the food-grade non-stick coating makes the cleaning process a walk in the park. The appliance features a steam guard that gets the job done of protecting your hands from the heat and possibly sustaining injuries.

Additionally, the appliance’s rectangular design guarantees the uniform distribution of heat for well-cooked waffles. The plastic handles also come in handy for safe handling when the waffle maker is hot. The CucinaPro Piccolo Pizzelle Italian waffle iron makes eye-catching patterned waffles that are also mouthwatering and crispy, courtesy of the smart design.


  • User-convenient
  • Durable and sturdy plastic handles
  • Recipe-guide included
  • Designed with families in mind for enhanced efficiency



  • At times, the waffles may come out slightly uneven


4. Best Eco-Friendly: WM520 Euro Cuisine

Euro Cuisine WM520 Eco Friendly Heart Shaped Waffle Maker - PTFE and PFOA Free Non Stick Plates,Silver

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If you’re looking to spice up your waffles, then WM520 Euro Cuisine is a worthwhile investment. It’s a heart-shaped waffle maker that comes at a pocket-friendly price. Additionally, you can convert it into a flower by combining all the hearts.

Besides being the best thin waffle maker when it comes to eco-friendliness, the WM520 Euro Cuisine has a non-stick layer that makes the cleaning process easier.

Despite its budget-friendly cost, the chrome exterior is proof that this appliance doesn’t compromise on quality. After all, it was designed with durability and sturdiness in mind. The light indicator that sits above the lid comes in handy in alerting you when each waffle is ready.

The unit’s electrical cord winds are strategically positioned at the base to curb tangling and getting in the way during use and the cleanup process. Besides a user manual, the WM520 Euro Cuisine comes with a few recipes for those new at making waffles.


  • Can be stored vertically to save space
  • It includes a dark-to-light setting for your cooked waffle
  • Eco-friendly plates



  • Takes longer to cook waffles compared to other models in the market


5. Best Mini Waffle Maker: Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Dash Mini Waffle Maker Machine for Individuals, Paninis, Hash Browns, & Other On the Go Breakfast, Lunch, or Snacks, with Easy to Clean, Non-Stick Sides, Red Heart 4 Inch

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If you’re looking for a compact and multipurpose thin waffle maker, then your search ends here with the Dash mini waffle maker. As a four-in-one appliance, you can whip up hash browns, Panini, chaffles, and other tasty treats that come out heart-shaped.

If you travel around with your waffle maker, this unit is perfect for you. Besides being compact, it’s impressively lightweight. Furthermore, the Dash waffle maker cooks in a jiffy and is user-friendly.

The Dash mini waffle maker features a non-stick coating on the plates to make the cleaning process hassle-free. That plays a key role in evenly-cooked waffles each time.


  • An elegant look that meshes well with any kitchen décor
  • Lightweight and compact for enhanced portability
  • LED indicator to inform users when each waffle is ready
  • Non-stick cooking plates for hassle-free cleaning
  • Comes in a vast assortment of colors



  • Not recommended for family use as it cooks one waffle at a time


6. Best for Hassle-Free Cleaning: BWM520XL Breville

Breville BWM520XL No-Mess Waffle Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel

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What was an uphill task in cleaning a waffle iron has become a chance to delight in mouthwatering treats. Therefore, if you’re on the quest for the best thin waffle maker with no tedious cleaning, then the BWM520XL Breville is an ideal option.

With a no-mess moat, this appliance has the uncanny ability to trap run-off batter and prevent a mess. Furthermore, it cooks the excess batter, converting it into yummy waffle bites for you and your household to savor.

With a control dial that has seven settings, you have free rein to choose your preferred heat setting for your waffles. As such, burnt or overcooked waffles become the least of your concerns. The ‘No-Mess’ function has an indicator light that informs you when your waffles are ready and a ‘power’ light that alerts you when the unit is preheated and ready for use.

It has a locking mechanism to make sure the lid remains tightly shut and prevents the likelihood of injuries. The die-cast plates pave the way for uniform hat transfer around the waffle iron, preventing unevenly-cooked waffles.


  • Uniform heat distribution across the plates for the perfect waffle
  • Durable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing stainless steel housing
  • Wrap cord area at the bottom of the unit for safe storage
  • PFOA-free non-stick coating
  • Easiest waffle maker to clean and suitable for families



  • Pricey


Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Waffle Maker

Now that you know a few ideal models to choose from, let’s discuss the factors to consider when choosing the best thin waffle maker to permit an informed decision.

1. Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s a no-brainer that you’ll need to get your waffle maker spick and span after each use. That’s why cleaning and maintenance are essential to consider when choosing the best thin waffle maker. Keep your eyes peeled for the grooves of the appliance. If they are deep-pocketed, that implies more elbow grease during the cleaning process. Furthermore, you should select a waffle maker with non-stick-coated plates. That will diminish the likelihood of stubborn bits.

2. Capacity

Let’s face it. Most waffle makers are compact, meaning they are designed for single users as they come with one iron plate. Therefore, if you require a machine that allows you to whip up two or more waffles concurrently, then opt for a larger capacity.

3. Types of Waffles

People are uncertain about the type of waffles they gravitate towards, so they choose the wrong waffle maker. To avoid this predicament, conduct your due diligence on the various types of waffle makers available and choose the best option based on your preference. By doing so, you’ll avoid regret down the road.

For instance, a waffle maker with shallow crevices is designed to whip up thin waffles. Contrarily, Belgian counterparts with deeper grooves are designed with thick waffles in mind and offer the flexibility of toppings such as sprinkles and syrup.

Nevertheless, that excludes heart-shaped and circular waffle makers that add a twist by switching things up from the generic rectangular or square-shaped counterparts. Therefore, always ensure you’re decisive on the type of appliance you prefer before settling for the first option that tickles your fancy.

It’s worth noting that choosing the best waffle maker with removable plates can be a lifesaver as it ushers in the flexibility of cooking different-shaped waffles while paying for a single unit.

4. Temperature Settings

While some people gravitate towards fluffy waffles, others prefer those with immense crispiness. If you like to alternate between fluffy and crispy pancakes, choose a waffle maker with an array of baking options rather than a model with one or two heat settings.

5. Add-ons

Some models of thin waffle makers come with add-ons that simplify your life. It can be a worthwhile investment if you don’t mind shelling out extra bucks for these extra features. For instance, a machine with indicator lights can be a lifesaver. It’ll inform you when your waffle is ready to eat, saving you the guesswork.

Automatic timers are a great add-on to have in a waffle machine as it prevents the disappointment and frustration of undone and unevenly cooked waffles.

How to Use the Best Thin Waffle Maker

While you might assume that making waffles entails popping the batter, shutting the lid, and waiting until they are ready. The truth is that there are steps to follow, as discussed below, to ensure your waffles turn out perfect.

1. Clean the Machine

If you’re using your waffle maker for the first time, we recommend cleaning it straight from the packaging. That’s because stored appliances typically have dust buildup from transportation. Furthermore, there’s no way to tell if the waffle maker was cleaned before being packed. Once you wipe it with a damp microfiber cloth, you’re good to go.

2. Prepare the Batter

You can get instant batter and empty it into your waffle maker for added convenience. Alternatively, you can mix the fundamentals in a large bowl to your preference. These are oil, flour, baking powder, eggs, milk, and sugar.

3. Use Cooking Oil or Spray

Thin waffle makers typically include user manuals that recommend layering the iron plates with oil or cooking spray before pouring the batter. That prevents the likelihood of the batter sticking to the surface and leaving a mess.

5. Pour the Waffle Batter

Most thin waffle makers feature an indicator light. It informs you when the appliance has preheated to the ideal temperature and when each waffle is ready. Once the unit has preheated, you can pour the batter.

It’s important to measure the amount of batter for each batch of waffles. Typically, a cup or a tad less is ideal. It’s worth noting that the batter should not spread to reach the edges of the waffle maker. You should leave enough room for the waffle to stretch.

6. Cook the Waffle

Now, it’s time to shut the lid and let your waffle maker work its magic. While you might be tempted to open the lid every 5 minutes to check on your waffle, there’s no need to do so. The indicator light goes off when your waffle is ready.

Some machines also beep. Once it’s ready, use a spatula to remove the waffle from the machine, preferably a wooden or silicone one rather than a metal counterpart to prevent the delicate non-stick surface.

7. Add Your Preferred Toppings

Once your waffles are ready, you can spice them up by adding chocolate sauce, maple syrup, or rainbow sprinkles to delight with your breakfast. It’s important to let your waffle maker cool completely before cleaning it. The last thing you want is to damage it or get burned.


The best thin waffle maker ushers in the most merits. Armed with insight into the most ideal models to choose from and a few buying tips. Once you narrow down your wants and needs, you can select an excellent option for your household and delight in freshly-made delicious waffles from the comfort of your home.


Let’s delve into the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding thin waffle makers.

Are a thin waffle and Belgian waffle the same?

No! While a thin waffle is crispier because it is thinner, a Belgian waffle has different dimensions with a thicker structure. Moreover, a Belgian waffle takes longer to cook due to its density.

Besides their shape difference, the batters of a Belgian waffle and a thin waffle vary. To get the fluffiness of a Belgian waffle, the yeast must be infused into the batter. Unlike thin waffles, no baking soda is needed when making a Belgian waffle.

Should you coat your waffle iron with butter?

Yes! It’s advisable to layer the waffle plates with butter to prevent each waffle from sticking to them. You have free rein to use cooking spray, butter, or cooking oil. Ensure you coat it before plugging in the waffle maker to a power outlet. No extra layers are necessary if your machine has an efficient non-stick coating.

Is pancake batter suitable to make waffles?

No! Pancake mix varies in preparation, consistency, and ingredients. Therefore, pouring pancake batter into a thin waffle maker means you’ll get waffle-shaped pancakes. Moreover, there’s a high likelihood of overheating or burning the batter because it’s overly runny for a waffle machine.

What’s the best way to enhance waffle crispiness?

To create a crispy waffle, beat the eggs separately before adding them to the waffle batter. Furthermore, you can confirm whether or not you’re getting the ideal waffle batter consistency. If not, that might be partly why your thin waffles aren’t as crispy as you desire.

What are flip waffle makers?

Flip waffle makers function like their generic counterparts, with the only difference being that they have additional mobility. That means you have free rein to flip them around to uniformly spread the waffle batter in the machine to produce a delicious waffle.

Moreover, with this feature, you can regulate how much each side of the waffle cooks. A flip waffle maker paves the way for you to bake your waffles evenly, reducing the likelihood of leaving bits of dried batter in the machine.

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