Fab Slabs Cutting Board Hands-On Review

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Cutting boards come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. There are pros and cons to every variety, but in this article I’ll be focusing on a top of the line wooden cutting board: the Fab Slabs Large Board.

I would like to preface this review with a few quick facts:

  1. I was not paid to write this review, nor did the manufacturer of the board contact me prior to writing this review.
  2. The opinions in this review are not influenced by monetary gain, I am simply providing my honest opinion about the cutting board based on my personal use. I have included a link to the product on Amazon.com as well as the manufacturers website.
  3. I purchased this cutting board and personally use it in my kitchen at home.

Who is Fab Slabs?

Fab Slabs is a company based in Australia, about an hour north of Brisbane where they make these cutting boards.

Their website states this product being “naturally and permanently antibacterial.” The species of wood used in this board comes from Camphor Laurel trees. The wood is kiln dried, so this cutting board shouldn’t cup, crack, or warp with proper care and storage.

I’ve found this board has a pleasant smell to it. It’s not a selling feature per-se, but the cabinet I store it in has taken on a light sweet wood smell that I wish my whole kitchen would take on.

Winning Features of the Fab Slabs Cutting Board

Fab Slabs has designed and fashioned an arguably perfect wood cutting board. By using a solid slab of wood that is about 1 inch thick (25mm) the board will have a greater chance of staying flat and not warping. Since the cutting board isn’t made up of glued together pieces of wood, there is no risk of separation from glue breaking down.

fab slabs cutting board with a ruler to measure thickness

As far as wood cutting boards go, there are several problems that can arise. If a board is too thin, it can warp if exposed to too much moisture on one side. If the board is made up of multiple pieces of wood, individual boards can cup depending on their grain and thickness, or the glue holding the boards can weekend and you end up with essentially a ruined cutting board as food and bacterial can seep into the cracks between the individual pieces of wood and grow.

Naturally Bacteria Free

The manufacturer of the boards claims to have successfully tested boards for bacteria after years of use and have found none. Before I researched and used wood cutting boards, I assumed they would be more prone to bacteria since they can soak up moisture. However, based on their published test results these cutting boards are just as safe if not safer than other options on the market.

Summary of winning features:

  • no glue
  • one solid piece of wood
  • thick board that will resist warping and last a lifetime
  • naturally anti-bacterial

Other Features of this Fab Slabs Cutting Board

I am hard pressed to find to find something that detracts from the Fab Slab Large Cutting Board. It is very solid and thick enough that I don’t expect it will warp or cup with proper care. It would have been nice if the manufacturer would have included their recommended care instructions with the board.  Most wooden cutting boards require a standard maintenance routine of cleaning and periodically oiling so I will assume that same procedure applies here as well.

The Logo is Prominent

Some people might not like the logo etched on the corner of the board. To be honest it kind of grew on me. If this is the only sticking point for you there are a couple options available. One option is to simply flip it over and never use the logo side of the board. Another option is to sand it off. Since this is wood, if you really hated seeing the logo you could get a sander and remove it. This would require removing a couple millimeters of wood from the surface so I don’t recommend doing this unless you are already resurfacing the board to remove knife marks.

I use the lettered side for veggies and the blank side for meats, so it helps me keep track of which side is for what kind of food.

fab slabs cutting baord logo

No Groove for Juices

I’d like to point out this board lacks a drip tray or edge that collects juices. This could be a deal breaker for you. If you want a board with a groove cut into it, you’ll want to find a different cutting board. I’m not for or against a juice groove. My personal preference is to get the biggest board I can find and then juices have a long way to go before they run off the edge. I also don’t cut enough juicy stuff to have it be a deal breaker for me, but I figured I would list it here since you may be looking for that feature in a board.

fab slabs cutting board

The Large Board is Somewhat Heavy

This board does weigh a little more than similarly sized plastic boards due to its thickness. It comes in around 7 pounds. This can make it a little cumbersome when washing and cleaning. However, there are medium and small options available if weight is a concern.

How to Care for a Fab Slabs Cutting Board

The care for this board is simple, like any other wood cutting board.

Wash By Hand

Wood cutting boards don’t do well with dishwashers. The water is too hot and they’ll come out faded and ugly. If you washed a wood cutting board in the dishwasher and are wondering how to fix it, you might be able to sand it down and oil it to restore it’s patina. However, it could be damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced.

Keep Dry

If there is water or some other liquid on the counter, don’t let your board sit in it for very long. Wood is porous and will soak up the liquid. Keep the counter or surface under the board dry. Also, keep the board vertical or on its side after washing to be sure it doesn’t trap moisture underneath. I like to store my cutting boards vertically in open air while drying, then on their thin edge when in a cupboard to keep them clean and easy to grab.

Oil Regularly

If your board is starting to look dried out and chafed it is probably time to oil your board. Pour a little food grade mineral oil on the board then using a clean rag or paper towel rub the oil into the surface of the board.

Sand When Needed

Over time and with regular use wood cutting boards will develop small scratches and cut marks. This is normal and expected, but it’s also easy to fix. Pickup some 200 grit sandpaper and sand the surface of the board evenly until the knife marks disappear. After sanding a board, be sure to wash it and oil it as you normally would to help protect the fresh wood surface.

Overall Impression

The Fab Slabs Large Board is a premium consumer cutting board. After having gone through many other brands and styles of cutting board, I am very happy with this cutting board. I am looking forward to using it for many years to come.

If you would like to check out the product for yourself, here is the manufacturer’s website.

You can also get more details on this Fab slabs cutting board here.

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