Best Mixer For Bread Dough

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Thorough and consistent mixing of the dough is essential when baking bread at home. This enriches your bread with flavor and helps make the baking process much easier and more convenient for you.

But with numerous mixers on the market guaranteeing the most efficient dough mixing capabilities, how do you choose the appropriate product for you? You don’t need to worry about making this decision alone now because we are here with the best mixers for bread dough and the features that make them the very best at their job.


Top Recommended Mixer: Ankarsrum Assistant Electric Mixer

Best Premium Mixer: Cuisinart SM-50 Mixer

Best Budget Mixer: Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

Best Versatile Mixer: KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer

Best Small Mixer: Dash Electric Stand Mixer


Ankarsrum Assistent Electric Mixer

Ankarsrum Original 6230 Black Chrome and Stainless Steel 7 Liter Stand Mixer

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First up, with its heavy-duty performance, we have this electric stand mixer by Ankarsrum. This stand mixer features a stainless steel bowl with a 7-liter capacity to accommodate 21 cups of flour. It can also mix dough equivalent to 10-13 loaves in one go!

Its highly grooved roller acts just like your hands, kneading and folding the dough with a continuous rhythmic movement. This yields a perfect dough that is both elastic and hydrated.

Unlike conventional mixers, this Ankarsrum mixer puts the motor at the bottom, leaving the top of the bowl uncrowded, preventing a horrendous flour mess anytime you bake.

Is your counter crowded because you hoard hundreds of appliances, each for a different purpose? The Ankarsrum Assistant mixer is here to solve this problem. It can be turned to its side to fit an assortment of attachments, including a shredder, slicer, strainer, cookie press, and more. Its optional juicer and blender attachments are ideal for making smoothies, creams, and purées.

This stand mixer is so easy to operate that even kids can use it. From its speed-changing knob offering seamless control to its 12-minute timer allowing us to do other tasks simultaneously, it makes this mixer a crowd-pleaser. The large display and timer allow you to check the settings at a glance.

Keeping in mind all these stunning features and the performance of this truly versatile mixture, it would not be wrong to deem it one of the best mixers on the market for homemade bread.


  • Powerful 600-watt motor
  • Does not produce noise
  • BPA and BPS free plastic construction
  • Easy to adjust speed knob
  • Smart carbon steel design
  • Uniform mixing
  • Comes with a variety of accessories for numerous purposes
  • Removable power cable
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • 7-year warranty



  • On the pricier side
  • Not ideal for light dough
  • Need to carefully read the instructions to fix attachments correctly


Cuisinart SM-50 Mixer

Cuisinart SM-50BC 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer, Brushed Chrome, Silver Lining

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The Cuisinart brand has always promised outstanding performance, and the latest inclusion to this list is their Cuisinart Precision stand mixer.

Its innovative design includes an LED illuminated speed dial with a slow start feature and 12 speeds for precise mixing.

In addition to these features, this Cuisinart dough mixer also has a locking mechanism on the motorhead so that you can load the mixing vessel easily. Finally, when you add your ingredients, pressing the release lever lowers the head and prepares the gadget for the mixing stage.

This best stand mixer option also features an attachment port to turn your mixer into a pasta maker or meat grinder. Apart from this additional equipment, Cuisinart also carries all the tools required for your primary mixing task: a bulbous mixing paddle, whisk, and a dough hook.

With a 5.5 quart capacity, the bowl has enough room to yield 12 cups of whipped cream or 6 dozen cookies. This bowl and all other parts (except the whisk) are dishwasher-friendly, making it a complete package.



  • Includes a splash guard with a shield
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy control dial
  • Exclusive metal design
  • High durability
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Instruction manual and recipe booklet



  • Cannot stand still when mixing at moderate to high speeds
  • May sometimes experience uneven mixing and kneading
  • Have to adjust the length of motorhead manually
  • Available in only three colors


Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer, 4 Quarts, Dough Hook, Flat Beater Attachments, Splash Guard 7 Speeds with Whisk, Black with Top Handle

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Does a mixer’s design and versatility matter to you as much as its quality and performance? If yes, then let us introduce you to this Hamilton Electric Mixture. With its tilt-up head structure, you have full access to the bowl’s contents to make changes at any time during the mixing process. It delivers high mixing versatility with its 7-speed settings and a mixing guide for all your baking needs, from whipping to creaming to kneading dough and stirring. The slow initial speed feature minimizes the batter splattering everywhere by allowing a soft start and gradually increasing the speed.

With its strong 300-watt power motor, Hamilton provides extensive mixing. Its planetary mixing pattern ensures optimum homogenization, low wear and tear, and minimum wastage. Thanks to this electric mixer, baking your favorite pizzas and cakes has never been this easier.

The 4-quart stainless steel bowl is adequate to make small batches. It also accompanies a standard beater, splash guard, and dough hook, which can be wiped clean with a cloth or sponge and makes the overall cleaning facile.

Unlike other mixers, the attachments go right into the sockets and require no locking or twisting. Likewise, they are easy to remove by simply pulling them out. This straightforward installation is what makes this mixer stand out among the others.


  • Kneads bread and other heavy dough well
  • Strong suction feet
  • Sturdy mixing
  • Has additional “fold” setting for adding delicate ingredients
  • Budget-friendly
  • No scraping needed
  • A built-in handle allows easy lifting and moving



  • Noisy
  • Only suitable for smaller batches


KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield - Persimmon

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As its name suggests, Kitchenaid has been a great aid for home cooks for ages. Keeping with this, they have recently released their Artisan series stand mixer. It is a powerful appliance with a 10-speed setting range. It can perform any task, be it stirring dry and moist ingredients together or kneading dough. Apart from the flour, its fast-speed whip can also whip cream, eggs, or mayonnaise.

Not to mention its 59 Touchpoint Mixing Action, which ensures thorough mixing of wet and dry ngredients by having 59 contact points per rotation, thus giving it extraordinary bowl coverage.

The innovative tilt-head design of this KitchenAid Artisan Series mixer permits easy access to the beater, bowl, and other accessories to allow you to add the ingredients hassle-free. Cleanup is also easy, thanks to this feature and its dishwasher-safe equipment.

This KitchenAid mixer comes with a power hub, something you don’t usually find with traditional mixers. This advanced innovation can turn your mixer into a culinary center in seconds. It comes with up to 12 optional attachments, from a shredder to pouring shields, which can help you make a paste, shred a cheese block, and so much more.

However, the most adored feature of this mighty KitchenAid mixer is its wide color range to accent your kitchen and its steel bowl with an ample capacity of 5-quarts. This capacity can yield about 9 dozen cookies in a single batch!


  • Tilt-head design allows easy operation
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Ultra-fast speed
  • Multifunctional
  • The adjustable screw allows you to change the height of the beater
  • 5-quart mixing bowl with handle
  • Durable
  • Sleek matte finish



  • Some complaints about its noise level
  • The dough hook and beater needs to be handwashed
  • Comes with only a year warranty


Dash Electric Stand Mixer

Dash Stand Mixer (Electric Mixer for Everyday Use): 6 Speed Stand Mixer with 3 Quart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl, Dough Hooks & Mixer Beaters for Frosting, Meringues & More - Aqua

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Dash is another popular name associated with manufacturing and selling hand and stand mixers. Their 3-quart mixer is the latest addition to their list.

The model looks quite exclusive and comes in many colors to choose from. With less than 5 pounds weight and standing 10.4’’ tall, this Dash mixer can easily be moved to clear up kitchen space.

To compensate for its lightweight design, the base of this dough mixer is attached to suction cups that hold the mixer firmly in place. This provides security and safety for the user.

Savory or sweet, this mixer is suitable for whipping, kneading, creams, frosting, dressings, and much more, making it an extremely adaptable mixer option. However, its 3-minute run time is not long enough to prepare a dense mixture and therefore may cause the motor to overheat.

Dash features a stainless steel bowl, additional accessories, and a flexible speed dial like all the other mixers. But the one thing that makes this every baker’s favorite is its adjustable slide on the base, which enables you to turn the bowl back and forth. This ensures uniformity when adding, incorporating, and mixing the dough. It is also helpful for getting the remnants at the bottom of the bowl as well.

Due to this clever design, cleaning has become more effortless than ever before and requires no elbow grease, and takes minimal time.


  • 6 different speed options
  • Mess-free due to its tilted head design
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Covered by a 1-year warranty
  • Convenient to carry
  • Retro design with its many colors
  • Economical



  • Cannot accommodate large portions
  • Overheating in case of extended use and dense fill


Buyers Guide

As you have seen on our list of best mixers for bread dough, there are various mixers available on the market, and each behaves differently based on its features. You will need a complete understanding of these features to ensure that you choose a mixer that compliments your culinary skills and saves you time and effort.


A general strategy is to buy the best mixer for bread dough with a powerful motor. The power of a motor is directly proportional to its wattage use.

Anything below 300 watts will not be applicable for regular use. A mixer with an average of 370-600 watts is needed to withstand the mixing and kneading process required for making bread dough without struggling to keep the mixer upright.

Size and Weight

Large mixers are ideal for bakers who mix bread dough and those who bake frequently. The best size and weight for these tasks is a mixer with a capacity of 6 to 8 quarts. However, it is important to know that it should have a high-watt operating motor to ensure it can knead thicker dough. Large mixers are also pretty heavy so that they do not move around during operation.

If you are baking for a few people and have limited counter space, your best bet is to buy a personal-size mixer. Usually, one within the range of 4 to 5.5 quarts is suitable for homemade baked goods. They also are lightweight and can be easily moved from your counter to the cabinet and vice versa.


A steel mixer has advantages over plastic ones. First, metal’s increased durability and strength prevent bending and breaking of the inner components. Concurrently, they contain no BPA and PET, making them environmentally friendly.


If you want to avoid holding the mixer while it does its job, choose a machine with high stability. If it is not heavy enough (20 pounds at least), it should have a suction cup or another feature that holds it to the surface while it is in use.

Speed Setting

You may notice that some mixers have one speed while others have many. Selecting a mixer with more than one speed allows you to knead the dough at the right speed according to its softness or hardness.

Using medium-slow speed to incorporate water into the flour and fast for mixing is the secret to a perfectly elastic dough.

The Shape of Dough Hook

Dough hooks come in two shapes: C-shaped and S-shaped. The issue with the C-shaped hook is that dough usually seems to ride up and stick to the hook or the sides of the bowl. This results in both flour wastage and uneven mixing.

The S-shaped hooks provide more flexibility to the dough and produce much more even dough development.

Hand or Stand Mixers

Bread mixers are sold in two different styles: a hand mixer or a stand mixer. While hand mixers are lightweight, compact, and easy to store, they are only suitable for light-duty tasks. This includes whipping cream, egg whites, mixing mashed potatoes and cake batter. They are also super easy and convenient to clean after use.

On the other hand, stand mixers carry out relatively heavy-duty tasks, including mixing thick cookie dough batter and bread dough. Stand mixers are equipped with one or more beaters, which perform well despite taking up much more space and weighing more.

Accessories and Features

Spending hundreds of dollars to get a mixer with limited functionality is not worth it. Instead, opt for the one that comes with the widest set of accessories so that you can make the most out of this remarkable appliance.

You may also want to compare the features of each to narrow down your choices. For example, go for a mixer with multiple speed settings, splash shield, extra paddle, whisk, and dough hook.


How can I tell if the dough is done kneading?

Kneading is an important step when it comes to baking homemade bread. It strengthens the dough and gives it the structure it needs. A mixer takes about 8 to 10 minutes to knead. Watching the kneading time and paying attention to the dough’s surface can tell you when it is ready. The surface features may include:

  • Smooth ball with a slightly sticky surface
  • The ball will hold its form and will not sag
  • When you poke the dough, it will bounce back

At what speed should I knead the dough in my mixer?

Using a medium-low speed is ideal for kneading the dough perfectly. Initially, the dough will be formless and moist; however, it will turn into a compact ball and will no longer be sticky as the mixing process progresses. After about 8 minutes at this moderate speed, the dough should be done.

What mixer is good for bread dough?

The KitchenAid series mixer is the most innovative model out there and has made a notable name for itself because of its stability and elevated performance in mixing everything from pizza dough to pastries.


A new mixer is a good investment. However, you need to make sure that the product you purchase is designed to support your purposes and uses.

The many available products on the market can leave your head spinning, but we are certain that this article will help you choose the best mixer for bread dough to have in your kitchen.

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