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Products and Reviews

We love food! We also love all the kitchen gadgets that help us prep our food in a faster, better, or more interesting way. The products we share on this site are those we’ve actually used and tested out personally.

We buy all of the products we test. We do not receive compensation from product manufacturers directly. Basically, a big company is not paying us to write a review. We are providing our unbiased personal opinions in each review. If you represent a company and want us to review your product, let us know about it and we’ll take a look. If it looks like something we can buy and try out for ourselves, we might write a review about it.

Most of the time we really love the products we review and are excited to tell other people about them so they can benefit from them as well. Sometimes a product isn’t so great, but since we’ve spent so much time with it we want to be transparent and share what we’ve learned from using it.

If we don’t have glowing reviews about a product, our statements are 100% our opinions and not meant to harm the company that produces the reviewed products. If you are a representative of a company that manufactures a product that we reviewed and have a comment or concern, please reach out to us so we can have a friendly dialogue.

We hope you find our reviews helpful. They take a lot of research, testing, and time to create.


If we did not explicitly mention something specific above, our general approach is to be as helpful as possible, but also provide some means to generate revenue so we can be compensated for our work (because it is a ton of work running a website, but we love doing it!).

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