lemon seeds

Are Lemon Seeds Edible?

The internet is unanimous — consuming a few lemon seeds won’t kill you. Are lemon seeds poisonous? Are lemon seeds toxic? They’re not, in fact

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what is an acai berry

What is an Acai Berry

Acai? It’s the fruit that made the deep purple color acai bowl popular on street corners, and it’s actually açaí, pronounced ah-sigh-ee. What is an

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What is Coriander

What is Coriander?

Coriander grew like a weed in my Pacific Northwest backyard, and if your turf is similar, you may never get rid of this herb plant

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Various cutting boards and bowls

Cutting Board Sizes

A cutting board is an essential tool, both in professional culinary kitchens and the kitchen of a home cook. You need them for just about

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Pots and pans in a kitchen

Saucepan vs Pot

When you put a saucepan and a pot side by side, it can be hard to tell what makes them unique. While these two pieces

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Whisking Matcha Powder

How to Whisk Matcha

Have you ever had matcha before? Matcha is a type of tea that has become super popular, becoming a staple in coffee and tea shops

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Using whisk to stir batter

How to Whisk

From making some perfectly fluffy eggs to expertly whipped cream, there’s a ton of amazing things your whisk can do! A whisk is a great

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Different saucepans in various sizes

Saucepan Sizes

Do you own a sauce pan? These cookware tools are small but mighty, capable of accomplishing almost any cooking task that involves liquid. These pans

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colander vs strainer

Colander vs Strainer

The colander vs strainer question is often a good source of debate. A colander usually has bigger holes and is used when rinsing large ingredients

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spatula on the pan

What is a Spatula?

If you do any kind of cooking in the kitchen, it’s highly likely that you own a spatula of some kind! They are an essential

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What is Cardamom

What is Cardamom? A Complete Guide to this Delicious Spice

Cardamom is a sweet and savory spice used in recipes throughout the world. Cardamom is primarily found in Asian and Indian cuisine, but can also be found in some Central and South American dishes. It can be purchased in most grocery store spice aisles and online. Let’s take a look at what I’ve learned about this spice, some recipe suggestions, as well as a few tips when cooking with it.

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What is a Saucepan

What is a Saucepan?

There are dozens of different kinds of cookware out there, and one of the best in the lineup is the ever-trusty saucepan! These bad boys

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safe food handling tips picture with fresh washed veggies

Safe Food Handling Tips

These are the most important safe food handling tips that every home cook needs to know. Learn from experts and food professionals how to minimize

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